You have heard of the language of love no doubt; but have you heard of the universal language of sports? Both are quite true and these “languages” are rich and varied. You will find expressions of them everywhere you go. You could make a lifelong study of them. For me, it is part of my on-going interest in ethics which applies to human behavior, decision making, honesty, and good intentions. As a branch of philosophy, it studies theories of good and evil, free will and determinism, absolute and relative values. On a practical level, I want to know what makes the world go around and how we can do a better job of unifying diverse people from different cultures. Surely, love of self and of the concept of freedom are relevant. Art is said to bring all members of humanity together as its principles are archetypal. I love the idea of artworks making the world a better place. If it works, we can build museums worldwide. Let’s get to it!

I have heard other opinions on the subject. It is not to discount the power of art but to add another dimension—the vast and engaging realm of sports. Think about something like the Soccer World Cup. At event time each year, most of the world is glued to the TV. Patriotism abounds and people get outside the humdrum aspects of their daily lives to watch the pros in action on behalf of their respective countries. Watch people next time and you will see something magical happen that speaks well of the human spirit. The same happens with the discussions in magazines and on their Facebook pages, like this one: If we can harness this joyous feeling and apply it to other projects like saving the planet and stopping wars, imagine the degree of happiness that would arise.

When we watch the best players in action, we celebrate humanity at its best. Athletic prowess has been revered since Ancient Greece as seen in the games at Delphi. The love of games has persisted for centuries, attesting to the ability of athletics to change the world. There is nothing more exciting than watching your team win a tournament match. We have heroes and idols galore and admire their innate abilities and skills. They are ideal beings above the rest of us. It shows what human beings can do when they are allied in a common goal. Soccer and other games teach ethics when laying down rules and regulations. There is a protocol of behavior that boils down to the praiseworthy concept of fair play. Ethics teaches through sports and games how to be a good loser, how to participate on a team, and how to accept glory with humility and defeat with pride.

Soccer, for one sport, brings out the best in us no matter the color of our skin, our religion, or our basic beliefs. It tells us that we are all the same—creatures of nature with the same DNA. Yes, they say all of mankind descends from one source the paleontologists call “Eve.”